Adam Levine Smooth Talks His New Scents


Sorry Brad, you’ve just been trumped.

Adam Levine has taken the monologue fragrance commercial to the next level to promote his first two eponymous fragrances. Reading more as a testimonial, the Maroon 5 singer reveals that he typically hates celebrity fragrances within the first few seconds of the clip directed by Travis Schneider, who recently shot the band's video for “Out of Goodbyes.”

Ever the rock star, he cuts into his monologue with snippets of motorcycles, cars, and sexy models, while strutting around in a distressed tee. He goes on to note that he ensured he was involved in every step of the process to create what he calls “the anti-celebrity fragrance,” stressing the need for individuality. “You don’t want to be alarmed by a scent. You want it to be alluring or mysterious in some way. You don’t want to feel like you ripped a page out of a magazine and rubbed it all over yourself. You want something that’s uniquely your own,” he explained in the video.

We'll have to snag a spritz before we can say for sure!

For more on Levine’s fragrance philosophy, check out the video over at PeopleStyleWatch.