Add This Superfood to Your Skincare Routine


We know chia seeds have become a superfood staple in everyone’s kitchen … well those who have a healthy obsession. But the power packed seed is making moves from the health food store to the beauty counter.

Skincare brands are tapping into chia to harness the wealth of Omega fatty acids and vitamins that help to keep your face youthful and radiant. Plus, those with oily and combination skin can rejoice, as it also regulates sebum!

Dr. Perricone’s Chia Serum blends the super seed with five other essential oils to hydrate and give you an instant glow that you can apply on its own or mix it with your favorite moisturizer. Though it’s rose-based, Sunday Riley’s Isis Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil pulls chia’s hydrating power to help improve elasticity and ease fine lines and wrinkles. One Love’s Supercritical Chia Oil is a pure form of the superfood that it easily absorbed in the skin to help improve skin tone and texture.

This is one superfood we won’t be leaving on the shelf!