Adidas Shows It’s Support for Boston


As a show of support, Adidas acted quickly following the tragedy in Boston to mobilize and use their influence. In order to raise funds and honor those affected by the situation, the brand created a limited edition t-shirt, reading “Boston stands as one.”

The shirt retails for $26.20, a price decided upon as a subtle dedication to the distance of the marathon. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The One Fund Boston Inc, which was created on Wednesday to help victims.

“The selflessness and compassion demonstrated by the city of Boston, the first responders, the Boston Athletic Association and all marathon volunteers in providing assistance to the injured have stuck with us and inspired us,” said Adidas America president Patrik Nilsson. “We commend Boston — and those associated with the city and the marathon — for their reaction to this very challenging situation. We applaud them for standing together as one on Monday and in the days which have followed.”

As a sponsor of the race, it's only appropriate that Adidas do it's part to support those in need during this terrible situation. The shirt is currently for sale on Adidas' website, with free shipping. We urge you to go buy one.