Afrobella’s Plus Sized Fashion Guide to Neiman Marcus Last Call


True story – I got my first designer winter coat at Neiman Marcus Last Call. It was when I lived in Miami, and I was about to go to New York for an event. I had absolutely no cold weather clothes. I remember racing over to Mall Of The Americas and looking for sweaters and coats for the first time. I found it on a rack all the way at the back of the store – a bright red Michael Kors winter coat. $60. I still have it, all these years later. My love for Neiman Marcus Last Call has endured since then.

You see, I like fancy things. I just don't have fancy money. I want to rock designer brands like the next fashionable lady, but I'm allergic to paying full retail prices. This is why I tend to exclusively shop at discount stores and on clearance racks. Living in downtown Chicago, it's hard to find a store like Neiman Marcus Last Call in person – big discount retailers tend to be in the suburbs. There are two Neiman Marcus Last Call outlets nearby Chicago, so for accessories, shoes and purses that's a great in-store option. At present, their plus size section is online only, so I don't even have to schlep to the suburbs. There are some great plus size finds online at! It's become a go-to site for me, and I bet you'll dig it too – especially if you're looking for classic items to build a designer-filled wardrobe.Thanks to Glam and Neiman Marcus Last Call, I was given a fashion challenge to find some of fall’s hottest fashion trends. I was so pleasantly surprised by what I found on Let me share my finds and give you my best tips for shopping Neiman Marcus Last Call!

When a store doesn’t have a substantial in-store plus size selection, they really need to get the online experience right. And absolutely does. You can shop by color, price and brand, and also by size. For someone like me who just wants to find all the cute new dresses in a 2X, this is ideal. Or someone like me who just wants to find all the cute Michael Kors clothing in my size. The discounts are DEEP on Last Call, up to 65% off original designer prices, plus I shopped during a big promotion and saved an additional 30% off, and that definitely can draw me in. The deeper the discount, the more likely I am to want to buy it. And the items I’ve procured so far haven’t disappointed at all. Let me share the fall fashion trends I just scooped on the site!

The Military Trend – from jackets to shirts to boots and beyond, the military trend is big right now and only getting bigger. At Last Call I found this super chic Sharagano shirt dress and it’s changed the game for me. I had a hard time finding a shirt dress that flattered my body type but now I realize, it’s all in the cut and the fabric choice. This is just right. I can’t wait to rock this dress over tights, with boots! Such a great fall fashion staple.

Unusual Florals – Just because the leaves will be turning colors, doesn’t mean you have to move far away from floral patterns. I take the opportunity to switch things up to a different palette. This Michael Kors floral print bateau neck top appealed to me because it’s a fresh take on floral. Plus, I look fabulous in chartreuse. Just saying.

Black and White and Grey – as the weather gets cooler, my personal color palette becomes more muted. I scooped up this Michael Kors long sleeved shirt for layering purposes through fall into winter, and also because of that additional 30% off discount! I also got this Alberto Makali animal print cardigan because I’m a fool for animal print and this was done in an unusual and tasteful way. Also, marked down from $196 to $66.50. I am HERE for it.

Funky Footwear – During the cooler months, I wear long pants and long skirts and so I am always looking for a cute, statement making pair of comfortable shoes to set my look off right. I have wide, flat feet so this is usually an issue. These purple studded Kelsi Dagger flats were so totally the shoes I needed that I couldn’t find anywhere. And I saved an additional 30% off. So you know they had to come home to mama!

For around $350, I found some staple fashion items and some trendy pieces to take me into the next season in style. Next time you’re looking for a wardrobe upgrade, don’t sleep on – here’s hoping you discover some plus size fashion finds of your own!

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