Aimee Cheshire Shares Her Plus Size Style & Shopping Tips for a Happy Holiday


The holidays are an ideal time to step up your style, and it seems like everyone is slipping into their most sophisticated silhouettes and festive hues. While there are a slew of chic options for the straight size set, plus size fashionistas usually have to do a little more digging to find a fabulous fit. Glam turned to Aimee Cheshire, co-founder and president of Hey Gorgeous, the latest stop for fresh full-figured fashions, to get her insight on how to style ourselves to perfection for every holiday picture:

What are your best style suggestions for holiday parties?

You can’t assume that sequins are your only option. Just because it has sequins, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Try for plaids – a beautiful red plaid or romantic details with lace. I think there’s so much more than anything just bright and shiny. I love cobalt blues, and I think it’s a great time to have fun with color that you wouldn’t normally step into. If you’re an all-black girl, go for that cobalt blue. It’s kind of a step up from black. Look for things that show off some décolletage and make you feel good, make you stand a little bit taller and a little prouder about who you are.

We know that it’s harder for full-figured fashionistas to find chic pieces in-store, but what are a few shopping tips to keep in mind?

But the most important thing is if you don’t like yourself, change. There’s nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than when I’m either picking at my outfit or constantly adjusting it or I see someone else doing the same thing. That means you just don’t feel like yourself, you don’t feel right in what’s you’re wearing. So if you look in the mirror and you just don’t feel like you’re you, change it and don’t force it.

The most important thing is to try things on. Try from different collections, even if they might not be technically plus. You never know – there could be some oversized garments, [or] an elastic waistband that could work for you, and it could open up a new world to you. Just take it all to the fitting room or order it from our site and try it on [at home] (there’s free returns). It’s amazing how things look when you try them on versus trying to imagine yourself in it. And it’s good to step out of your comfort zone, if you’re someone who always wears black, try on different colors and prints. Options are limited for plus [so it's important] that you don’t say “no” so quickly [and] that you’re open to new options. And don’t get caught up in your size. Each brand fits differently…each designer designs differently, so be willing to just try it.

The winter promises to be brutal this year, what’s the best way to keep warm if you’re plus size?

I think it can be easy to get lost in all of the bulky winter jackets, like your puffer coat, your wool coats. I think it’s important to find those coats that still maintain your shape or help create a shape. It’s definitely possible to do. At first when puffer jackets came out, they were just huge and oversized, now they really have adjusted them so they really create a beautiful shape and keep you warm because that’s the most important thing, especially in New York City.

With so many slinky silhouettes available, what are a few ways to help slim down your silhouette?

Always start with a great foundation of fabulous shapewear. We really love the line we have on our site called Yummy Tummy and it’s not overly restrictive. Some brands, you squeeze to put them on and it just pushes your fat elsewhere, and what I love about our collection is it just smooths you out. I think if you start with that good foundation, you can wear whatever you want. It’s such a lifesaver; it makes such a difference and opens up to so much more that you can wear or maybe something you’re not comfortable about or you’re constantly adjusting. You just throw on a shapewear tank and you immediately feel great.

My go-to has always been layer on a fitter blazer or a moto jacket. I think that’s an easy way, especially if she carries her weight in her tummy. It skims over your body and creates a nice hourglass silhouette. Search for dresses that have ruching over your trouble spots. For me, it’s my tummy, so I’m always looking for fitted items that aren’t clingy and that have ruching over my tummy because I’m not a fan of showing that off.