Alexa Chung Says … Having a Skincare Routine Isn’t Sexy. What?


With enviable locks and killer style, Alexa Chung seems to be the It girl with all the answers to our beauty Q’s, but surprisingly the polished woman-about-town tends to skimp on her skincare routine.

In an interview with Byrdie, the socially savvy multi-tasker revealed that she doesn’t take off her makeup at night very often. Yikes! “My nighttime skincare routine is walk in the front door, put my keys down, take my shoes off, get naked, clean my teeth, go for a wee, drink some water and go to bed in full makeup,” she told the site.

A sexy sleepover is one contributing factor to her stance on skincare. “I don’t think it’s very sexy to have a routine,” she explained. “Like if you’re going home with a guy are you like, ‘Hang on a minute?’”

If she does choose to scrub the day off, she usually reaches for the resident bar of Dove soap on her bathroom sink, but by morning she repents with a thorough wash with Sisley’s Creamy Mousse Cleanser, following up with Weleda’s Skin Food for the body on her face. “I have the dirtiest skin known to man,” Chung admitted. “Moisturizer’s a real sore point for me at the moment. My skin is crying.”

While we had a mild panic attack at the thought of waking up in our makeup – we learned our lesson, after all—but at least Chung makes cleansing and moisturizing a priority…even if it's the morning after.