Alexa Chung’s Strands of Wisdom


Alexa Chung has set off a slew of hair trends since she stepped on the scene (including the bob’s revival and the ombre). As the official tresses of L’Oreal Professionnel’s INOA color, the style star offered a wealth of great hair advice for Stylist. Here are a few notes to keep in mind for your mane:

Hair Color Adds Texture – Chung found her best option to bulk up her flat strands and add texture was to stick to a bottle of dye instead of a pair of scissors. But she admit she still gets worried about how each dye job will turn out. “I’m always apprehensive, though, when I’m sat in the hairdresser’s chair because there are always so many pots and some look a bit blue and you’re like, ‘I don’t know what’s in there or what color that’s going to end up being,’” she explained. “When they wash it out, you can tell by their faces if it’s gone well or not.”

Top Knots Need Lipstick – While the top knot is a must during muggy days like this, the college age-appropriate style can read as sloppy without a little help. As she says, it’s all about balance. “Sometimes I’ve been known to try a topknot, but because I’m obsessed with balancing things out, I’ll only wear a topknot with lipstick,” Chung said. “Without lipstick on, you’re just looking at the topknot.”

Don’t Touch Your Hair After A Breakup – Hair can have a psychological impact, so it’s best to leave your locks alone when you’re at your worst. “[Y]ou’re not in a fit state to make decisions that are long-term – you’ll have to spend the next four years growing it out,” she said. “Don’t have a fringe cut. Don’t bleach it. Don’t do anything, because you will regret it. Buy a lipstick instead.”

Let Your Locks Hang Loose on the Dance Floor – Who knew your hair can affect how you dance? While long tresses can get away with swaying from side to side, prepare to get creative if you have a cropped coif. “If you’ve got short hair you’ve got to be more creative with your dance moves and inject a little comedy, I’d say,” she recommended. Duly noted!