Alexander McQueen Hits It Home With The Rug Company


As if the designs sent down the runway at Alexander McQueen weren’t gasp-worthy enough, the design house’s latest partnership with The Rug Company will really take your breath away. Infused with the dramatic spirit of McQueen, the collection of rugs, wall hangings and cushions explores the new territories of Sarah Burton’s inaugural Spring 2011 Folklore collection.

Composed of seven pieces, the collection features the Monarch Smoke, Monarch Fire and Pony rugs in addition to the Monarch Cushion, Poppy Day, Poppy Night and Folklore wall hangings. Burton lent her imagination and talent to The Rug Company’s collection, and the results are striking – as well as classically McQueen. Each piece unites bohemian and pagan qualities in the form of deconstructed organic motifs, making them incredible focal points for a living space. The designs combine the modern with the antique and the beautiful with the grotesque to make works of art worthy of bearing the McQueen name.