Alexander McQueen Spring 2014


DESIGNER: Sarah Burton

INSPIRATION: African warrior garb

TRENDS: Was Burton channeling Africa or the Roman Empire? Her runway looks consisted of pieces that could have been drawn from both. Bronzed helmets, arm bands, and thick collar necklaces. Boxy blouses. Flared leather, fiber, and basket-woven skirts with dropped hems. Plume and feather detailed dresses with intricate beading and patterning. Baldric type leather straps across the chest.

PALETTE: Crimson, black, gold, white, navy, violet/blue.

WHO WAS THERE: Daphne Guinness, Tallulah Harlech

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: The boldest of style stars willing to forgo flattering for the sake of high fashion, as these looks aren't the easiest to pull off. Daphne Guinness, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and her performers.