Alexander Wang Debuts New Fragrance for Balenciaga


Alexander Wang is doing his part to keep the heritage and DNA of Balenciaga’s core brand alive. His latest effort is his first fragrance for the French fashion house titled, B Balenciaga, that will go on sale in October.

“Each element was a process that took a lot of evaluation as to what’s been done before and what hasn’t been done before,” Balenciaga’s creative director told Women’s Wear Daily.” It took a lot of soul-searching, but I really wanted to do something pure, as I see it as a step forward for the house. It was exciting working on the scent and going to the essence of the brand, to its DNA, and to also combine that with my vision.”

His vision includes a bottle made of cracked glass that pays homage to the marble flooring of Balenciaga’s original salon in Paris. “The glass treatment felt very artisanal, yet refined, and the texture also reminded me of veins of marble and the marble theme that was in my first collection for the house,” Wang continued.

As for the actual fragrance, Wang said, “I’ve always been attracted to scents with strong green notes, and we also added a darker woody flair to it.”

“I didn’t want to base this project too much on the past, but also I wanted it to be iconic to the brand. I want it to stand the test of time.”

Iconic with a touch of Wang's signature modern style; we like the way that smells.