Alexander Wang Gives Stuff Away, Madness Ensues


On Saturday, July 13, 2013, Alexander Wang invited New Yorkers to ‘a one-time-only undisclosed event’ at the High Line. The entire event was very cryptic—tweets and Facebook posts alluded to some life-changing event.

Was. It. Ever.

Everyone in attendance was given access to the entire T by Alexander Wang collection. For free. Obviously, madness ensued. That’s almost a given, but what we were picturing as we read the firsthand accounts of those who were there, is nothing compared to what actually went down. And, we can confidently say that because the video of the free-for-all landed in our inbox.

Before you watch the video below, you should now where the inspiration for this project came from: “The video captured at the event is directed by Darren Stein. Stein directed the 1999 dark comedy, Jawbreaker. The movie’s final prom scene, where enraged classmates toss things at Ross McGowan and her tiara slips, is a favorite of Wang’s.”

So, again, you’ve been warned. Watch below your own risk.