Ali Simpson imPresses Us With her Manicure


Teen sensation Alli Simpson has just signed on to be the face for imPress Press-On Manicure. The Australian singer and actress was thrilled to show off her nails–wearing one of nail combos that she designed–while waiting for her fans in Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City on Thursday.

Simpson designed four imPress Nail Designer Kits with Jeweled Strips that she is excited to share with her fans. “I am able to mix and match imPress and Kiss Nail Dress to create amazing designs in minutes, and have a new pattern to show-off the next day,” she said. If the Australian singer slash actress were a nail color, she would be solid gold or silver, “I love bling!”

And lipgloss, her favorites are from MAC Cosmetics; she carries a tube with her at all times in her bag, along with hairbrush, her phone, phone charger–because her “phone always runs out,” and her book that she's reading, John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, Simpson told before her throngs of excited fans rushed up the stairs of the candy bar to meet her. Such is life for the star who has over a a million followers on Twitter–she wraps up her day by sending out a goodnight tweet to her fans.