Alitalia Takes Barbie to new Heights With a Historic Collection

Barbie is taking flight this season. Mattel has helped Alitalia commemorate its history with a collection of 14 Barbie dolls, each wearing a different one of the luxury Italian airline’s flight attendant uniforms. Famed Italian designers, including Giorgio Armani, Renato Balestra, Alberto Fabiani and the Fontana Sisters have inspired the uniforms worn by Alitalia’s crew and so these miniature versions are quite chic. All of the items in the collection are handmade in Italy to capture the tailored details that truly make the uniforms as iconic as the dolls that wear them.

“Truly iconic styles transcend generations, fads and tendencies,” said Emmanuel Beniot, Marketing Director for Mattel Italy. “This is exemplified by Barbie and Alitalia, two brands born in the fifties, whose popularity has continued because they have remained true to their inherit traits, maintaining their identity and strong sense of style.”

The Barbie Ailtalia captain and crew collection is on display in an exclusive exhibit in the Spazio Alitalia in Piazza di Spagna-Rome.