All Eyes on Chanel at Paris Fashion Week


We’ve seen some quirky makeup looks since the start of Paris Fashion Week, but nothing compares to the pomp and circumstance for Chanel’s Spring 2014.

For the art-inspired collection, the Kaiser commissioned Chanel Beauty's Creative Director Peter Philips to create a vibrant eye look to pair with the rainbow of hues that hit the runway. According to The Cut, Phillips hand painted the pigment splatters in yellow, teal, jungle-green, purple, and red with bolts of bold black on the top and bottom lash lines (no wings required). Though the site coined it the “anime eye,” it has a more paint-by-numbers appeal.

The kaleidoscope of color contrasted against the shaggy clavicut wigs that the models wore, crafted by Sam McKnight, as well as the simple black manicure. Though the lack of nail art seems to continue the trend sparked by Marc Jacobs in February, we’ve already got our fingers crossed for a #CCertified Technicolor eye palette slated for spring.