All Gilded Everything


A touch of gold makes everything better, so why not adorn your home or apartment with an infusion of gilded inspiration as the weather turns from summer to fall? From lamps to side tables, the metallic hue has expanded its presence from fashion and beauty into the world of home design and Glam editors couldn't be more pleased. The warm and inviting color adds not only an aspect of richness to home décor, but provides a sense of luxury and refinement to every palette. We've shopped a few of our favorites for you, but considering the hue's staying power, we have a feeling we'll be adding more and more of the gilded touch to our lives as the months go on.

  1. Threshold Glass Feather
  2. Metal Sunburst Mirror
  3. Nate Berkus Branch Lamp
  4. Threshold Clear Acrylic Lamp Base
  5. Threshold Marble Coaster Set
  6. Threshold Wine Rack
  7. Nate Berkus Multiple Taper Candleholder
  8. Metal and Gold Accent Table
  9. Threshold Wood Tray with Metal Legs
  10. Nate Berus Gold Leaf Tray
  11. Threshold Votive Candleholder