All White Walls: Bright, Not Boring

Put down the paint swatches and consider leaving those walls colorless. Sure, we get the “living in an insane asylum” reputation bright white walls have, but with the proper room accents and decor design, the style can make for a brilliantly clean and sophisticated look. Glitter and Pearls can't get enough of this home with decor that perfectly balances rustic furniture with pops of modern design. With not only white soaked walls but matching wooden floors as well, things are far from boring despite the lack of color. Another idea: rather than leave the planks entirely white, painting them a light shade and using ivory paint to stencil floor designs would have really taken things to the next level.

discusses decorating with white walls as your background canvas. Because the color is so versatile, it's possible to go ultra contemporary or keep things shabby chic with vintage finds. Or, as Glitter and Pearls dream home did, combine two styles. Check out some more examples of white walled rooms, proving that simple doesn't have to mean boring, here.

Down with three white walls but can't quite wrap your head around leaving all four bare? Add an accent wall like so.

image via Glitter and Pearls