Alterna Launches the First CC Cream for Hair


It seems that skin health is getting all of the beauty buzz lately thanks to the slew BB and CC Creams that have flooded shelves everywhere. Where’s the lock love?

Alterna is turning everyone’s attention back to their tresses with the first ever CC Cream for hair. The Caviar CC Cream is a leave-in treatment and styler. with a formula that boasts 10 benefits, including heat protection, UV protection, moisture, and even a light hold. The CC cream can be used alone or cocktailed with other stylers to create smooth, hydrated, and “completely correct” coifs.

This isn’t the first time the luxury hair brand has tapped into the skincare to ensure our strands receive the same treatment. Alterna released the Blonde Beauty Balm last year. We can't wait to experience the before and after benefits of this new hair helper!

Available at for $25.00