Amazing Body Butters By Indie Brands


Winter still has us in its icy grip, continuing to wreak havoc on our hair and our skin. Remember dewy, oily skin? It all seems so long ago! Right about now it’s time to slather on the thickest, most emollient body butters to lock in that after shower moisture as it lingers on your skin.

There are amazing body butters and moisturizers to be found at your nearest drugstore or fancy department store. This post is dedicated to the entrepreneurs who looked at the existing selection and decided to enter the world of product development themselves. The mixers and mixtresses who are whipping up shea and cocoa butter blends that are worth your hard earned coins. In past posts I’ve introduced you to favorites like Belle Butters, Skin Deep and Indie Lee. Now here are some of the latest products I’ve tried that I am sure your skin will adore:

  • Drenched by Organic Bath — This Boston based bath and body product company specializes in 100% organic everything. Drenched is shea based, and infused with argan, sweet almond and jojoba oil so it absorbs readily into your skin. Your body will drink Drenched up!
  • Ash Today, Gone Tomorrow by Ixora BB — North Carolina based independent brand Ixora BB creates a variety of body and hair butters for just about every need. Ash Today, Gone Tomorrow is intended to combat visibly dry skin with a combination of Nilotica Shea Butter and Cupuacu Butter, and is meant for eczema sufferers and for parched areas like elbows, heels, knees and legs – anywhere that ash makes its presence known.
  • 50/50 Body Balm by Soaptopia — What’s half butter, half oil and totally what your skin’s been craving? The 50/50 Body Balms by Soaptopia are something like a phenomenon for those of us with dry, itchy winter skin issues. A shea butter base comes swirled with grapeseed, olive, hemp seed and jojoba oils amongst others. And they smell amazing, too!
  • Wench by Emily Jayne — Very few bath and body care products come with as much feminist credibility as products by Emily Jayne do. Created by author, academic and activist Joan Morgan, every decadent butter is intended to be an experience in self care and sensual self appreciation. Wench is her signature blend of ylang-ylang and rose water, and it softens and soothes dry skin while leaving behind an unforgettable fragrance.
  • Chantille de Karite by Les Secrets de Loly — This French brand gets a special international mention for the divine decadence of its whip. It is rare and special to find a shea butter product that is whipped to the consistency of marshmallow fluff, that melts into the skin as effortlessly as this. Made with fair trade shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil and organic avocado oil, it is a treat for your epidermis or hair.

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