Amazon Created a Center for Fashion Excellence


Fashion is one of the biggest businesses at Amazon, attracting an impressive 35 million customers. Realizing that, the e-tailer giant has just erected a new 40,000-square-foot photography facility that features 28 bays for styling, shooting and editing apparel, footwear and accessories in Williamsburg, New York.

“We had been doing photography all around the country,” Cathy Beaudoin, president of Amazon Fashion told Women’s Wear Daily on the need for company’s own space. “Fashion is such an emotional purchase. You practically need to interrogate the product. We wanted a center for excellence.”

Taking a page of out Kanye West’s book eh, Amazon? 

In addition to the place for excellence being a platform for smaller retailers sold on the site, the space will be home to future design collaborations (though, none Amazon is ready to confirm), and will make shopping more collaborative. “We want the experience to be fluid and intuitive. We’re harnessing customer reviews and what products customers have used and bought in the past,” Beaudoin explained. “We’re building into the experience adjacent items, shoe, handbags and also what other customers wore with that outfit.”

Color us impressed, Amazon. Sounds like the way of fashion’s future is here.