Andre Leon Talley Leaves Numero Russia


Andre Leon Talley left Vogue last year after he hit the “glass ceiling” at Anna Wintour’smagazine to go work for “these Russians,” as he told Oprah, at Numero Russia.

… 12 issues later, Talley is leaving that magazine, too. Turns out, working for those Russians wasn’t his cup of tea, after all.

“The one thing that really impacted me was Rachel Maddow’s reporting last winter on the anti-LGBT [lesbian , gay, bisexual, and transgender] laws in Russia,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. “There are no civil rights for people there. That’s one of my reasons for departing.”

The final straw for Talley came when newsstands wouldn’t sell the Numero Russia’sMarch issue with a nude male model posing with Pat Cleveland. He and Tom Ford (who photographed the ad) were forced to select another cover and the publication still chose a different cover.

Initially the move appeared appealing to Vogue’s former editor-at-large because of the salary he was offered. But Talley revealed that he hasn’t been paid for February, March or April’s work. Though he told WWD, he’s okay with that.

“Money isn’t everything but it is when you start thinking about putting away for your retirement days,” he said when he took the job. “Anna [Wintour] was very sympathetic and understood and she decided we remain on good terms and that I do the digital and the online. And I’m very happy to do it.”

He does digital now with his new gig at Zappos Couture where he pens a blog of his musings titled, Zee Cee. Talley also is still a contributing editor at Vogue, so he should stay pretty busy despite his departure from Numero Russia.