Andrej Pejic Channels Warhol’s Chelsea Girls


Nobody does drag quite like Andrej Pejic! His gender-bending glamor has graced spreads in some of the biggest fashion publications worldwide, the newest being his Warhol inspired-shoot for Du Jour. In the editorial that accompanies a piece from former Silver Factory resident and Interview music critic Glenn O’Brien, Pejic transforms into Edie Sedgwick, Nico, Candy Darling (who he’s embodied before), and even as Warhol himself with a seamless quality. O’Brien reflects on Pejic’s uncanny ability to personify these icons, even noting that Warhol would’ve loved to meet the androgynous model. “Andy would’ve been fascinated by Andrej,” O’Brien said “Andy would’ve taken one look at Andrej and said, ‘What a beauty? Isn’t he a real beauty. Gee, you should be on the cover of Interview. We should make a movie. Would you like to be in a movie? I think you’d be so great.” O’Brien postulation on Pejic’s Warhol impersonation? “I think the boss would have looked at Andrej and said, ‘Oh gee, I wish I looked that good.'”