Angelina Jolie is Putting Acting on Hold


Maleficent could be the last we see of Angelina Jolie for a while.

In a photo call alongside co-star Elle Fanning in London on Friday, Jolie revealed that acting would be taking a “back seat” to her directorial and philanthropic pursuits.

“I’ve had a wonderful career and I’m happy to have had all those opportunities to tell stories and work for as long as I have,” she shared, later adding “but I’m able to be selective and I would like to focus more on writing and directing; and above all I would like to focus more on my work with the UN and with PSVI [the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative].”

Jolie has been an ambassador of the United Nations since 2001, after she spent 18 days in Sierra Leone and Tanzania and aligned with the with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Since, Jolie has made the highest personal donation to the initiative ($1 million), and has been promoted to Special Envoy where she continues to “help contribute to the vital process of finding solutions for people displaced by conflict,” according to a statement on the organization’s web site.

Still, Jolie’s presence will be felt throughout Tinseltown. Aside from her May 30th debut as a Disney villain, Jolie is prepping her third directorial feat, Unbroken, for a Christmas Day premiere. The Jack O’ConnellDomhnall Gleeson starrer about Olympian Louis Zamperini and his capture by the Japanese army during World War II, is already generating Oscar buzz.

While we don’t know how long Jolie’s hiatus from center stage will last, we can say that her return will be accompanied by another VIP: fiancé Brad PittParade reports that the pair will co-star in a mystery project, presumably based on a script Jolie wrote years ago about a couple on the rocks. It would be the first time the pair appeared on screen together since 2005’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Until then, there’s always a red-lipped bandit to keep us scared satisfied: