Anna Kendrick Sits Front Row Like It’s No-Big-Diggity-Deal


Anna Kendrick has been a front-row staple this season, signifying that she’s taking notes on what it takes to be a style star. Amidst the frenzy of photographers and hoards of fans circling her seat at shows, Kendrick tried to keep her cool and make light of the situation. “I might pass out any second,” she admitted. “This is so full-on. I did London Fashion Week but it wasn’t anything like this, so this is a little bit intense and I might end up in the fetal position in the next five minutes.” The display of a sense of humor during Fashion Week?! Who would’ve thought?

The funny girl relied on her ability to crack a joke as photographers’ cameras flashed away and editors shoved recording devices in her face (yep, guilty). Naturally, she gave us a run for our money when we asked her about the next installation of Pitch Perfect. “I see it picking up in the year 3000 when we’re all [frozen] … and our voices are digital and we’re breaking the sound barrier,” she said with a smirk. Lez-be-honest and say that we’re anxiously awaiting Pitch Perfect2 to see if Kendrick’s predictions do, in fact, hold true. Until then, we’ll be re-watching the original while training for our horizontal half-marathon.