Anna Piaggi’s Hat-Ology Finally Opens


Hats off to Stephen Jones, the mastermind behind the late Italian fashion editor Anna Piaggi’s Hat-ology exhibit in Milan.

When Piaggi passed away last August, she left behind racks on racks on racks of clothing and accessories. Her brother inherited the 40 rolling racks that covered her Milan apartment and put everything in storage while the family determined the best place for her fashionable wares.

Enter London milliner and curator Jones, who shared his dear friend’s hat collection with the rest of the world. “She had 800 hats and we’re finding new ones every couple of days,” Jones told Women’s Wear Dailyof the exhibit he championed, displayed in home-like setting. Such a selection will come in handy: Jones told WWD that the Association Culturale della Moda Italiana, the family keeper of her legacy, plans to put on a major exhibition in 2015, possibly in Paris, that features her hats and clothes.

The exhibit will run until November 30th at Palazzo Morando.