Anna Wintour Critiques Kanye West’s White Tie and Decorations


Anna Wintour has every reason to smile these days. First LadyMichelle Obama cut the ribbon to her newly minted Anna Wintour Costume Center. Wintour has raised $125 million dollars—$12 million on Monday—in the 16 years she served as Queen, we mean, chair of the Metropolitan Musuem of Art’s Gala.

She and co-chair, Sarah Jessica Parker, made a funny appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday where the two chatted about what it’s like to work the receiving line at the Gala, hugs from strangers and Wintour reprimanding SJP for talking too much.

Meyers gave Wintour a bit of a hard time about the “white ties and decorations.” “Now this year was white tie, which for a guy is a lot harder,” he joked with the bobbed editrix. “Is that why you chose it?”

“We chose it because we felt it would reflect the theme of the exhibition, Charles James was a designer who worked primarily in the 50s when men still did wear white tie,” Wintour explained. “I had no idea in how much panic this make the men of New York and all over the world think about their outfits.”

She shared that Tom Ford emailed her to inform her that quite a few men were under the impression that “white tie and decorations” meant Christmas tree ornaments before critiquing the men on how they did. One man, Kanye West, was almost perfect.

“Almost perfect,” Wintour told Meyers when the host showed a picture of North West’s father. “But he doesn’t have the wing collar or the white tie.”

Oh, so close Mr. West! No word on how Kim Kardashian’s outfit fared. Watch the fashionable duo below: