Anna Wintour’s First New Hire for Lucky? Eva Chen


Before Fashion Week in September, the news quietly broke that Eva Chen was leaving her position at Teen Vogue. Shortly after, she was replaced by Elaine Welteroth, who stepped into Chen's footsteps to take the role of Beauty & Health Director. Since then, Chen has remained engaged and involved in her social media channels, showing off her perfect manicures and enviable collection of rings and accessories with daily pictures and updates.

Since leaving 4 Times Square, Chen has yet to attach herself to a specific brand or company, leading many to wonder what exciting plans she was working on for the future.

Cut to another major career change in the hallowed walls of the Conde Nast building…Anna Wintour's.

As the new Artistic Director of Conde NastWintour is lending her expertise to additional titles in the company's portfolio, and the first glossy up for assistance is Lucky. In recent months, the magazine's suffered losses in both ad pages and circulation. While Wintour undoubtedly has many plans mapped out to help Lucky, her initial very public move involves partnering with Chen! According to a spokesperson for the magazine, Wintour “brought Eva on to work on several project with her.” What this entails, obviously is still a secret, but given her very public profile and ability engage her followers, Chen's assistance and advice is sure to be quickly welcomed at Lucky.