Anne Hathaway & Co. Prompt Older Women to Lengthen Their Locks


Anne Hathaway as well as a slew of other celebs recently opted for cropped coifs, but now the looks has prompted many to stick to longer locks!

According to The Cut, women in their fifties and older originally had a lock on the look for decades because of its ease and practicality. Many noticed the Hollywood trend and are looking for a new way to stand out against the younger generation. “Older women want a point of difference,” hairstylist Ric Pipino told the publication. “In the fashion that’s going on [now], there are lots of short hair cuts.”

In lieu of that awkward growing-out phase, hairstylists recommended extensions to blend in the tresses during the long wait, which help to draw eyes away from fine lines and wrinkles.

So who’s their current hair-spirations? Helen Mirren’s cheek-length cut has become a big hit as well as Diane Keaton and Rene Russo's pumped up bob have become the hairdos du jour. “That cut pops up all the time,” said stylist Paul Labrecque.

I can personally attest to the appeal of a short style for those like me, and a longer look for older women. While many in my family cut their hair shorter and shorter as they aged, my mom recently chose to keep her hair at shoulder length and even embrace her grays!