Anne Hathaway’s Catsuit is Revealed

Who knew fans had sharper claws than Catwoman herself? During filming of the highly-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, paparazzi captured Anne Hathaway in full costume… and the people are divided. Here's the full (grainy) photo:

A few weeks ago, Warner Bros. released a promotional picture to tease audiences without fully revealing the costume:

But of course, nothing stays hidden for too long—especially in Hollywood. So far, both photos of the suit are polarizing; some can't stand how Hathaway looks, while others are more excited about the new film than ever before. Luckily the recent full-length photo is a little easier to swallow for most.

The suit has some great throwbacks to the traditional costume worn by comic book Catwoman—the ears, the skintight fabric, and the mask are highly reminiscent. And thankfully, Hathaway is whisker and tail-less. So which side are you on? Is this suit a perfect blend of modern and classic? Or are you worried the outfit (or the entire film) will be bring down an otherwise fantastic movie franchise?