Annie Leibovitz Takes Her Touch to the Tap


Annie Leibovitz is taking her artistic touch to the tap for Sundance! The illustrious photographer has partnered with Stella Artois on a new campaign celebrating Timeless Beauty that will be unveiled during the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. Noah Huntly and Tanya Ruban are the faces of the Belgian beer company’s new campaign and will play hosts at its collaboration celebration where the Leibovitz’s work will serve as the centerpiece along with the works of influential photography bloggers from around the world. For those who can’t make it to the party, the beer brand has also created the Studio Stella Artois where users can celebrate timeless beauty and learn more about the experts who bring it to life. Starting January 18th, users will also be able to get a backstage look at the campaign. Stella Artois looked to Leibovitz to bring its centuries of experience to life as fans enjoy the finished product. “Annie Leibovitz’s work marries artistic genius with painstaking craftsmanship to create timeless beauty,” said Emma Fox, Global marketing Director for Stella Artois. “Our fans experience the beer in its finished form, but 600 years of brewing experience helped make this possible. So we wanted to celebrate both the beauty and the craftsmanship that go into its creation.”