Ardency Inn Has Your Weekend Playlist and Lip Look Covered


The beauty aisle is alive with the sound of music thanks to Ardency Inn!

To celebrate its new Modster Long Play Lip Vinyl, the WWD award-winning brand partnered with some of the best female DJs from the downtown New York City club scene, including Audrey Napoleon, Brooklyn Dawn, Becka Diamond, and Valissa Yoe. Each lovely lady crafted an original mix for Ardency Inn, reflecting each shade they rock in the campaign. And yes, we are currently bumping each mix already available on the brand’s site. “Downtown New York is Ardency Inn’s birthplace, and the visual backdrop of every photoshoot we’ve done so far,” Stephane Siboni, co-founder of Ardency Inn, explained. “We felt like some killer sound would complete the New York experience!”

As for the Lip Vinyl itself, it forms a non-sticky lacquered film to stay in place for hours, protect lips, and offer a mega-watt shine with maximum pigment impact in four bold shades perfect for dark winter nights on the town.

Consider your Saturday night look covered!