Are You Part of the Flawless Friends Network?


We’ve all wondered what the future hold for us, but Benefit has a new way to find out.

The brand is launching its Flawless Friends Network as part of its #BeautyBoost campaign to help us remember, “Laughter is the best cosmetic.” Benefit’s new network allows you to give Miss Cleo (OMG – remember her?!) a ring at 1-844-SO-FLAWLESS to get her insights into the future of your next beauty look. In case you don’t believe her, the cosmetics company scored star-worthy testimonials from the likes of Joey Lawrence and Shannen Doherty.

We already gave the celebrity psychic a call and she was right about how gorgeous and glowy our skin looks. Looks like we’ll be keeping her on speed-dial!

Haven’t seen the clip yet? Check it out below: