Arm Candy Trend to Watch For: Masculine Meets Feminine


Watch out: your arm party is getting a little brighter this summer with a bold timepiece. One of our favorite ways to decorate our wrists is to add a bright watch. Of all the options, Neff’s Daily Watch in Purple hasn’t left our left wrist in a few weeks and we’re keen on snagging another bright color to offset our tan. The best way to make your fun timepiece sophisticated and chic is to accessorize it with bracelets. Since your watch is already adding a punch of color, go for chains and leather in neutral colors like gold, grey, and black. Offset the masculine with the feminine by adding a bit of sparkle. Check out three combinations featuring a bold watch and the bracelets to compliment it, from our favorite e-tailer turned brick and mortar jewelry house, Bauble Bar!

  1. Gold Brooks Bracelet, available at Bauble Bar for $32
  2. Pave Links Bracelet, available at Bauble Bar for $78
  3. Neff Daily Metal Watch in Gold, available at Neff for $100
  4. Neff Daily Watch in Purple, available at Neff for $30
  5. Neff Bandit Watch in Cyan, available at Neff for $20
  6. Neff Daily Watch in Cyan/Pink/Black, available at Neff for $30
  7. AV Max Gold Fleur Bracelet, available at Bauble Bar for $58

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