Ask a Stylist: Can Anyone Wear a Jumpsuit?


Jumpsuits are having a moment right now. Who knew wearing a onesie after infancy could be so cool? Many of my clients want to succumb to the jumpsuit trend but are terrified of it. Will I look like I’m trying too hard? Am I too old for this trend? Will I look lazy? Those are the common questions I get, but in my experience nearly anyone can rock a jumpsuit. Below, I’ll tell you how.

Do You Even Like Jumpsuits?

Sounds like a silly question but so many people feel like they have to wear a garment simply because it’s in style. So ask yourself this, do you even like jumpsuits? If the answer is yes then by all means wear one.

Mind Your Body Type

There are definitely some jumpsuits out there that aren’t for everyone. Unless you are a model/ a woman with little to no curves then you should skip those drop waist style jumpsuits. It is very important to define your waist. Look for jumpsuits with a defined waist or add a belt to ensure this trend flatters your figure.

Style It Up

Jumpsuits aren’t an excuse to look lazy. So add your own personal flair to your jumpsuit. This will not only help it look better but it will make it look personal to you and your style (and that always looks good).

Do you currently have a jumpsuit hanging in your closet? What's your favorite way to style it?