Ask a Stylist: How to Layer Necklaces


Stacked or layered jewelry is like the hottest accessory trend of the moment. Sure it looks good but the reason I love it is the fact that you can give new life to your existing jewelry without breaking the bank.

Lately I’ve been super into layered necklaces. I’m a huge fan of statement necklaces but don’t always feel like spending a ton of money on costume jewelry. My solution? Layering up a few non-statement necklaces to create my own statement.

Here are a few guidelines when it comes to layering your necklaces …

Keep Metals in Mind

Like metals is what keeps this look cohesive. So stick with all silver, all gold, all bronze … you get the idea.

Experiment With Lengths

There is no right way to layer necklaces so experiment. Try something super-long with a choker. Or try two necklaces with a similar length that stack directly on top of each other. Just be sure that they compliment each other visually and you’ll be all right.

Be Careful

Okay I might have made this one sound scarier than it needs to be but hear me out. Layered necklaces can often mean a tangled mess of chains, which can result in broken necklaces. Also, necklaces are heavy so make sure you are rocking your layers for shorter periods of time to avoid headaches and neck pain.

Lauren Messiah, is a Los Angeles based stylist and the creator of, a blog about designer deals, the hottest trends, and Lauren’s life as a fashion stylist.Lauren styles some of Hollywood’s most successful women in entertainment, celebrities, fashion editorials, and national ad campaigns. Lauren has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, Grazia, WWD, OK! Magazine and Health Magazine.