Ask a Stylist: Mixing Vintage and Modern


Q: I am in the love with the clothing from the 1980s but I am unsure on how to incorporate 80s pieces into my current look. Can you help?

A: Everyone loves a little bit of vintage but it can be challenging to work it into your current wardrobe. In fact, every time I visit a vintage store there usually is some crazy creation that I want to take home with me. Before I take it home I try to visualize with the modern staple pieces in my wardrobe.

For example a friend of mine gave me this hideously awesome vintage 80s shirt with a mini peplum and full on shoulder pads. I pictured it with the classic bottoms I had in my closet like … a pair of leather pants, skinny jeans, and a pencil skirt. If at least two out of the three combinations checked out in my head it could come home with me.

So long story short, mix ONE piece from the 80s with at least one classic piece in your current wardrobe. If you keep that in mind, you will be A-Okay.

PS- If you love the 80s you are totally going to flip over The Carrie Diaries on The CW- major source for style inspiration. I’m a little scared to admit this but I’m a little bit obsessed with this show.

Lauren Messiah, is a Los Angeles based stylist and the creator of, a blog about designer deals, the hottest trends, and Lauren’s life as a fashion stylist.Lauren styles some of Hollywood’s most successful women in entertainment, celebrities, fashion editorials, and national ad campaigns. Lauren has been featured in Marie Claire, Vogue Italia, Grazia, WWD, OK! Magazine and Health Magazine.