Ask a Stylist: Versatile Handbag Help


Q: I need a stylish handbag that I can use for work and for play. Any suggestions?

A: As a girl who believes in quality handbags, versatility is key because the price tag on a designer handbag is pretty darn high. Getting the most bang for your buck is very smart and can be quite stylish.

Now a bag that is professional enough to go to work with you and is fun enough for the weekend isn’t the easiest thing is the world to find but it can be done as long as you meet the following criteria …

  • Keep it neutral. Black, navy, tan, brown, maroon, and even olive green will keep your bag versatile and professional. Avoid overly trend colors like neons.
  • Make sure it’s roomy. Look for a bag that has enough room to hold a notebook, your smartphone, and if you are lucky – your laptop.
  • Loosen up. Most “work” bags are quite stiff and structured. It’s okay to loosen up a bit with a more relaxed or slouchier shape.
  • Add a little fun to it. During the week, it’s all business but on the weekend why not add a fun bag charm or a scarf to the strap. This little addition will take your workbag to the next level.

Still don’t believe me? Here are a couple of my favorite work to play handbags.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Hobo // Jerome Dreyfuss Tote // Proenza Schouler PS1 // 3.1 Phillip Lim Pasli 

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