Ask a Stylist: What to Wear on the 4th of July


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Q: I’m in need of a cute 4th of July outfit. I want to wear something festive without looking cheesy. Ideas?

A: I am a sucker for holidays, however it is quite easy to fall into the “cheesy” trap when it comes to dressing for them.

A red and green printed top with a leather ball skirt for Christmas = totally chic. A reindeer turtleneck underneath a holiday sweater = tragically not chic. Same goes for the 4th, you don’t need to drape yourself in an American flag to dress for the occasion.

I recommend using the 4thof July color palette to dictate your look and avoid Independence Day themed garb. If you do a have an American flag tee you are just dying to whip out, make sure you pair it when more toned down items for a more grown-up ensemble.

And without further adieu, my favorite 4th of July worthy pieces …

Straw wedges // Earrings // Slip-on shoes // Dress // Sandals // Shorts // Sunglasses

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