Ask Glam: How to Make Your Winged Eyeliner Take Flight


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I'm right handed, and the eyeliner wing on my left eye comes out wack every time. How do I get it to behave?

The winged liner look is versatile, taking you from vintage vixen to a member of the mod squad like Chanel’s fall campaign. It seems almost effortless, but it’s actually one of the hardest looks to pull off. Even illustrious makeup artists like Pat McGrath still have trouble with the wing from time to time. But there are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve and help you get the look off the ground:

Laura Collins, An Olsen Twin Hiding Behind her Right Hand and Smoking.
Laura Collins, An Olsen Twin Hiding Behind her Right Hand and Smoking.

Stay Sharp – Whether you use a pencil or a liquid liner (though liquid usually works best), make sure that the point is sharp. The line will be thinner and easier to fix if you make any mistakes. If you opt for a gel or cream liner, you can use a liner brush to apply.

Start Spotty – Starting from the inner corner, use the sharp point to create dots along your lashline and out to as far as you’d like the wing to go, keeping the dots at an almost equal distance away from each other. One liner that works really well to do this is Too Faced’s 3*Way Lash Lining Tool. Just remember to take you time or you might risk a smudge and have to start over.

Connect the Dots – A touch of tape applied at the angle you want will act as a guide (and catch any mistakes you might make) when you reach the outer corner of the eye. Then simply go over the dots, connecting them to create one smooth line. If you need the line to be a bit thicker, you can follow the line a little higher on the lid to keep the look seamless.

Tidy Up – Peel off the tape to reveal a clean, winged line. If you do make a mistake, you can use a Q-tip dipped in toner or a folded makeup wipe with a sharp corner to wipe away any smudges while the liner dries. And voila! You're set with a chic and flirty eye look that deserves a double take.