Ask Glam: How To Save a Splotchy Self-Tan


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I’m in the middle of a skincare crisis! I applied self-tanner, but I ended up missing a few spots and got a few streaks along the way. Adding more will make things worse, so I don’t know what to do. Help!

Don’t panic! We turned to St. Tropez’s Skin Finishing Expert Sophie Evans, who recommended exfoliating the darker spots with a loofah to buff off those dead skin cells. If it’s still not even, you can apply a moisturizer to those dark spots before applying self tanner all over. “[T]his will act as a barrier to prevent the tan going darker,” she explained. If the patches aren’t too dark you can also try a coat of gradual self-tanner to even things out.

For those of you experiencing swimsuit stripes (tan lines created by your bikini), Evans advised using the St. Tropez Tan Bronzing Lotion as a paint instead of all over to fill in those lighter areas, leaving it on for 8 hours before showering. “If the tan lines are still not covered or do not match your darker skin, simply repeat this process,” she added. Bye-bye two-toned skin; Hello bronzed beauty!