At the Root of It: My Journey of Becoming a Beauty Fangirl


I’ve always been a Glam girl. From swatching shades on the walls of my apartment to painting my stuffed animals and myself in crimson, I started swiping countless tubes of Mommy’s lipstick at the age of three. And my love of beauty definitely did not stop there! I went through a blue eyeshadow phase when I was eight, sported whiteout manicures in middle school, and rocked a rainbow of hair hues in high school and college (with various stops at Sephora in between for a spritz of perfume).

It wasn’t until I began my search for an internship that my destiny was actually realized. When I saw an online posting for a beauty internship at, I gave a shrug and thought, “I like lipstick; let’s see what happens.” I was brought on in the summer of 2009, and in order to better understand my position as an intern for such a huge industry, I began reading a multitude of beauty blogs in my spare time. Their enthusiasm and creativity in covering makeup, hair, skincare, and more, brought back my inner three-year-old.

Beauty is meant to be fun! It’s a creative medium that allows you to not only manipulate how you look, but to constantly redefine who you are. I might not be the most fashionable girl on the block, but a little lipstick or a bold dash of liner can up the ante on any ensemble. When I went on to graduate and tried to get my foot back in the door, it didn’t stop my affinity for picking up a good product or spending hours on YouTube watching tutorial after tutorial to perfect my technique.

On a random lunch hour in December 2011, I received a call from Glam, letting me know that a position had opened up on the edit team. I didn’t need to think to about it, “I’ll be there on Tuesday,” I said as I left the world of insurance and temping behind to return where I felt I belonged. The rest is history!

As I’ve learned more about brands and products, I've found that while makeup can do its best to cover up, true beauty begins with health. That realization led me to skin and haircare routines that rely on moisture, moisture, and more moisture. If you need to quench your tresses’ thirst, you can sign up to sample Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy shampoo and conditioner here and let me know what you think.

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Disclaimers: *refers to stratum corneum

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