Azature’s Black Diamond Nail Polish: Can It Last Forever?

We're not sure about the answer to that question, but at $250,000 a pop, we hope Azature's Black Diamond nail glaze can stand the test of time. The fine jewel and bijoux atelier carved out another corner of its black diamond space by releasing the world's most expensive nail polish that'll leave your tips dripping in diamonds, literally.

You read that right: $250,000 for a nail polish that rivals Kanye West's blingiest bling. What makes this mani-pedi blackout so lavish? Well, it's made up of 267 carats worth of a girl's best friend, in black, of course. This rare treat surely won't be available at your friendly, neighborhood drug store, but there's a cheaper alternative from the jewel giant that's equally as chic. If you don't have a mere $250K sitting around, consider a $25 splurge on the Azature treat, made with only a single black diamond stone. Fancy, huh?

Available this month at Fred Segal stores everywhere for $25.