B. Scott Beauty: Geisha by Bali James


Geisha by Bali James is where beauty and art combine to offer luxurious bath and body care. I was introduced to the line not too long ago by Bali James herself while on the set of Mariah Carey’s “#Beautiful” music video, and I must say that I’m totally addicted!

There are two products that I’ve incorporated into my daily (and sometimes nightly) routine that I think you love muffins would absolutely love.

The first is the Geisha by Bali James Body Oil ($38). If you’re looking for the perfect aromatic body oil, look no further. The unique, lightweight formula combines cold pressed grapeseed, sweet almond and avocado oils, Vitamin E, and a coconut derived skin conditioner. I’ve tried a ton of body oils (my bathroom cabinets are FULL of them), but I haven’t encountered another one quite as soothing as this.

It leaves my skin incredibly soft and each of the offered scents leaves such a light, yet refreshing fragrance. My favorite scent is Maiko, but Allure is a close second.

The Geisha by Bali James Ritual Perfume Oil ($45) is another favorite product of mine. It’s created with a hint of Patchouli, various musks and vanilla all blended to make a very intimate and delicious scent, perfect for a romantic evening or a night on the town with the girls!

I really must stress the high quality of the Geisha by Bali James line, especially the body oils. Each product comes in a signature black bottle that’s sure to liven up any bathroom decor.

What are you waiting for? Visit the Bali James website and pick up both the Body Oil and the Perfume Oil (if you feel like splurging, the Lip Butter and the Body Buff are two more excellent products).

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