B. Scott Beauty – Kusmi Tea BB Detox


The Kusmi Tea BB Detox ($16-$20) is the latest wellness tea from Parisian tea company, Kusimi Teas. For those new to the company, BB stands for beauty beverage. I’m a firm believer in the notion that taking care of your skin & body is just as much what you put into it as what you put on top of it — and this new Kusmi Tea is the perfect addition to my skincare regimen.

Maté and green tea are key ingredients that help flush toxins from your body — and its largest organ, your skin. Green tea is also well known for its strong antioxidant powers. The mix is blended with dandelion and rooibos for added skin protection with the help of vitamins A and C and alpha hydroxy acids.

Did I mention the drink is calorie-free? Plus you can enjoy it hot or cold so it’s great all year round. What I love about teas is that there are so many ways you can prepare them; you don’t have to feel like you’re drinking the same beverage over-and-over again!

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