B. Scott Beauty: REHAB for Hands and Feet


Beauty is more than just your face and hair. In fact, the very first impression someone has of you will more than likely involve a handshake. That’s why well-manicured hands are so important. I know I spend hundreds of dollars on facial creams, eye masks, conditioners, and other daily products to keep my face & hair looking the best it possibly can— but when I really think about it, I only tend to my hands and feet when it’s time for that bi-weekly mani/pedi.


REHAB for Hands ($18) and REHAB for Feet ($24) are two hyaluronic acid-based treatments that help rejuvenate your hands and feet without the need for prolonged soaks — which is awesome, because nobody really has time for prolonged soaks, especially during the busy work week! Hyaluronic acid is a powerhouse humectant that draws a tremendous amount of moisture to the skin—about 1,000 times its weight. But don’t worry, it won’t make your hands ‘feel’ any heavier!

Blended with natural oils, shea butter, antioxidants, and dermatologist recommended urea, REHAB for Hands and REHAB for Feet truly hydrate hands and feet and are effective, yet gentle enough for all skin types. The products can also be used anywhere you have dry skin — like elbows, knees and other rough patches. Not only that, but they’re simple easy to use — just apply twice a day for 14 days for marked improvement. Once the desired level of softness is achieved, you can continue using the product as needed to maintain your results.

I’ve been using it for about a week and I can already feel a difference in my hands. They’re softer, smoother, and aren’t nearly as dry after washing them! If your hands have been suffering during the cold winter weather, this is a great product to help rejuvenate them just in time for spring! This is definitely a product I’ve added to my ‘must-haves’ list. You can order yours at ReallyWorksBeauty.com.

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