B. Scott Buy: Club W


I just have to let you love muffins in on the best new way to enjoy wine! Club W is a wine club designed to help people discover their unique wine personalities and tastes. Their team of well-known curators taste hundreds of boutique wines and choose a select group each month for their members. If you're not super familiar with different types of wine, don't worry! You'll fill out a quick online Palate Profile that helps hone in on wines you know you'll love. Unlike other wine clubs, Club W delivers three great-tasting bottles of your choice to your door for $39 plus $6 flat shipping—which is super affordable! The best part about it is that I'm giving away a bottle of wine for free! Just use promo code “bscott” during sign-up and you can select a free wine of your choice. I recommend my personal favorite this month, the 2009 Chono Chardonnay. Sign up now by visiting clubw.com/bscott Once you receive your wine, share a photo on Instagram and let me know your which one is your favorite by using hashtag #ClubW. B.Scott, The Multimedia Maven and Every Girl's Best Friend, serves as the premiere tastemaker of lovebscott.com, providing his 'love muffins' with the latest in celebrity news, entertainment, fashion and advice. He’s best known as one of the first internet celebrities to successfully transition into television and radio.