B. Scott Buy: Twisted Aristocrat


While we all love our expensive designer clothes and bags fresh off the runway, sometimes there’s nothing better like a quirky unique piece found in a smaller boutique or even online. I was looking for unique, quality pieces online and that’s how I discovered the Twisted Aristocrat line.

Twisted Aristocrat is a was founded by Ashton Hodges and Brykyta Shelton in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

What I love about Twisted Aristocrat is that each one of their products is handmade using quality leather as soon as you order, meaning you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind piece each time. Plus, each piece comes with its own storage bag.

The latest addition to their product line are these super cute Leather Cuff Bracelets ($40.00). You can wear them solo or you can mix and match them with other pieces in your collection!

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