B. Scott Buzz: Favorite Winter Looks


It’s getting colder and colder out there, but that just means it’s time we all get serious about some winter weather fashion! The only problem is sometimes it’s hard to figure out the right style. With the help of a few celebs, let’s take a look at some of my favorite winter looks for some fashion inspiration.

Kim Kardashian’s Max Mara Fall 2013 Mustard Coat: This look will best fit someone who isn’t afraid of taking risks with their winter wardrobe. We love Kardashian's Max Mara mustard-colored coat. The great thing about this look is that while Kardashian opted to pair the coat with an overall gold ensemble, the brightly colored coat will add an elegant pop to just about anything!

Beyoncé’s Opening Ceremony OC Varsity Jacket, Leather Leggings & Converse Sneakers: Here’s a more causal & sporty look. If you’re looking for an ensemble that gives a more youthful appearance, look no further.

Lindsay Lohan’s Shimmering Gold Cocktail Dress: Lindsay Lohan gives a perfect example of a simple look that achieves a lot. A cute shimmering minidress is the perfect gift for someone who's headed to a winter gala. You could even toss-in some complimentary accessories that match the your individual style.

Cassie’s Michelle Mason Cropped Leather & Silk Tank: Our final favorite winter look is a little dependent on your geographic location. If you’re somewhere warm (or don’t mind being a little chilly!), this clean black leather & silk tank — combined with crisp winter white jeans gives off a very effortless style that one could easily carry into the spring! It’s all about giving the gift of mix & match with this one!

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