Back to Work Chic: Jewel Toned Jackets


Along with winter comes the inevitable realization that your coat is set to center stage for months on end when it comes to street style. In an attempt to rid our hall closets of a lifetime of black options, we're diving into the full rainbow of jewel tones. Though bright and bold, these gems will transition any wardrobe from fall to winter, between countless snow storms and chilly nights. You'll be that glimmer of hope during the early dark evenings, in a sea of black pea-coats or puffers. And now that the New Year is in full swing, there's no reason not to add a bit of pizzazz to your day-to-day outfit, especially when it comes to your outerwear.

1. Merona Shawl Collar Coat, $41.98
2. Merona Topper Coat, $22.98
3. Merona Quilted Jacket, $39.99
4. Mossimo Collarless Ponte Blazer, $34.99
5. Mossimo Peplum Ponte Jacket, $17.48