Backstage at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011: Alexander McQueen

We were allowed coveted access behind the scenes at Alexander McQueen's SS11 runway show, a mere one season after the legendary designer passed away. The feeling backstage was energetic yet somber, and the collection was just as eclectic as you've come to expect. And of course, the hair played into the designs perfectly. Created by our mane man Guido, the super stylist actualized intertwined basket woven braids that were part-Paganistic, part-Amish, part-rustic futuristic.

Says Guido of the absolutely artsy look, “It's old-fashioned, very country cornhusk girl, all about making something from the land.”

After the hair was center-parted, stylists flat-ironed small strips of hair (including extensions) so that they'd 'look like bits of straw' and started the intricate weaving process, which took approximately 45 minutes per head. The look was secured with u-pins and set with Redken Forceful 23 Hairspray. The end result? See below.

One last tip. Guido says, “Don't try this at home!”