Backstage Beauty Beat: Michael Kors


THE HAIR: Orlando Pita crafted a Cali-girl inspired ‘do with plenty of lived-in texture and volume. He spritzed hair with his own Revive Instant Boost Dry Shampoo to prep and used Osis Dust It to mattify. Using his fingers, he combed the hair up and back and parted hair into three sections for an inside-out braid. Pita continued the braid until the end of the hair, making sure to keep the ponytail loose. He tucked the end of the tail unto the nape of the neck, concealing and securing it with bobby pins. He finished the look with a dose of hairspray, and used his hands once again to rough up the top and let pieces fall out of the style.

THE MAKEUP: Makeup guru Dick Page used “no tricks, just beauty,” for a neutral, discreet MK-woman look. He simply used a brown shadow on the eye and glossed the lids and brow bones. To warm the skin, Page applied Michael Kors’ own bronzers to the models’ cheeks (using one of three shades, depending on skin tone: Sporty, Sexy or Glam) for a glow. He went for a “bruised plummy mauve color,” as inspired by one of the male models, on the mouth. For this simple look, Page relied on the models’ features to inform the application of the makeup. Essentially, he just amplified the features by taking them a little deeper than natural, since the clothes were rather monochromatic. Of the look, Page said, “It’s like changing the twist on your Instagram color profile. Push things a little bit, but they still belong to you.” He wanted to keep the models looking real, believable and belonging to the clothes.

THE MANI: Nail expert Jin Soon Choi painted models’ nails and toes with Michael Kors’ own nail polish in “Intrigue” (new for summer 2014). The grayish-brownish lacquer works with all skin tones and capitalizes on the chic and sophisticated vibe of the show.